You say

by angryhippie

My blood is your blood,
Once it has been spilled.
My life is your life,
It’s for you I was killed.
My innocence is yours now,
It’s there for you to cling to
To feed your ignorance
And peace that it brings you.

Your apathy is my apathy
For it was my undoing.
Your cruelty is mine as well,
For you refuse it’s viewing.
Your greed is my greed
For I paid it’s full cost.
Your comfort, I’ll leave you
For mine’s long been lost!

You say it’s a need
When we know that it’s not!
It’s an ill planted seed,
But it’s all they you’ve got!

My fear is your fear
For it’s tied to your will.
My life is your life,
To have your gluttonous fill.
My hope belongs to you,
One more thing you can steal.
My pain is mine alone,
For you don’t think I can feel!

You say it’s god granted,
That it’s mankind’s right.
But that seeds ill-planted,
It’s less true, and more trite!
There is no good reason,
That you can ever give
For unneeded domination,
So you can excessively live!

Your heart is my heart,
For it’s my blood that now feeds it.
Poisoning it’s arteries
And hopefully, will disease it!
Forgive my ill wishes,
But I feel your aggression,
I don’t much like being
Treated as a possession.

You say it’s your choice,
And you will never change.
It’s good that you have a voice
To state your ignorant claims.
Some of our voices,
Get lost in the translation
And they aren’t given
So much consideration!

My tears are your tears
Garnishing your reasoning,
My death is your death,
To bitter the seasoning.
My compassion is yours,
Since you’ve none of your own.
And you have let the seeds
Of ignorance be sewn.

You say it’s a need,
But I say that it’s greed!
You say it’s god given,
I say you won’t be forgiven.

I speak for the voiceless,
The lives we can’t give back!
A steward to the battered!
What do you say to that?