Who gets the say?

by angryhippie

Who gets to decide?
Who shall be fed,
And who’ll be sentenced to die?

It’s a preventable famine
That’s not going to be prevented,
Because it means sacrifice from us all
For it to be circumvented.
It means embracing the truth,
No matter how inconvenient.
Making a commitment for change,
And to truly live it and mean it.
But it’s not going to be easy
For these issues are so ingrained,
That massive deprogramming
Will also be needed for this change.
We must all look beyond ourselves
And our material worth,
If we are going to stand a chance
At repairing the Earth.

It’s rapid resource depletion
That doesn’t have to continue,
We simply need to remove
Over-consumption from our menu
Work to improve our climate
By breaking our dependencies
On animal products and oil,
Both at home and overseas.
We have means for developing
Truly viable alternatives,
Yet we cling to past profits
Proving Capitalism still lives.
I guess since man divided the Earth
So he could stand to gain off it,
It’s detriment has meant nothing,
As long as it still turns a profit.

So who gets the say?
Who gets to decide?
Who shall be fed,
And who’ll be sentenced to die?
Those who first made the call,
That torture and despair
Would come to feed us all,
And act to impede and impair?

It’s the final chapter,
Of our beyond decadent ways,
These lives lived in excess
Have more than numbered our days.
They have slaughtered innocence
And hung compassion out to dry,
Watched as we’ve suffered since
And have deemed us worthy to die!
These measures being called for
May seem drastic or trite,
But believe me there is merit,
In finally doing what’s right.
The Earth and it’s creatures
Have been abused for our trends,
And unless we halt these vices,
Then this all tragically ends!

So who gets the say?
And better yet, why?
When we can all stop it,
Who gets to say who should die?

It’s a preventable famine,
Whose blame we’ll all bare,
When it comes, and takes millions,
Because we just couldn’t care!