When Asshats Attack – The Man’s Man Manly Hour with Man Manly

by angryhippie

And just when you thought the ‘fight’ for ‘Men’s Rights’ couldn’t get any more obnoxious, I stumbled across a rare breed of asshat that has just started his own podcast. Man Manly is a self-proclaimed right-wing Men’s Rights advocate that is apparently unhappy about the current state of men in society at the unchallenged hands of feminism, and he means to change that.

There is so much fail in this douche’s Manly Hour podcast (which the first episode is only ten minutes long), that I almost don’t know where to begin, but he talks about Male Studies and Penis Envy in his first episode. If you haven’t had your fill of ignorant asshats making an idiot of themselves today, then take a listen and get ready for the inevitable facepalm!

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