What part of 'all being created equal' have we not gotten yet?

by angryhippie

Enough of this shit! New Hampshire just granted civil unions for same sex couples, and that’s a great step for some, but to me it’s like the humane slaughter debate in the vegan community. It doesn’t fix the problem. It pacifies it. The problem is the denying of rights to same sex couples in this country where we are all supposed to be protected equally under the law. And we aren’t!

Once again, I’m left shaking my head, wondering where the fuck the disconnect is. Why is this injustice allowed to stand? The answer…religion. Marriage is not a government institution (it is only for some reason recognized by the government to judge the base of your value…I mean taxes, but we’ll get to that.) no, marriage is a religious institution. A contract between two people* and God (*the aforementioned people being of the opposite sex, of course). Oh, so at the core, this argument is being made from a religious standpoint…no wonder there is so much intolerance attached.

So if marriage is a religious institution (must be presided over by a registered member of the clergy) then it has no place having any kind of bearing on our government or it’s policies. (I told you we’d get there) I say that marriage across the board be stricken from the government’s records, and all citizens who wish to be joined in civil union can and will be. Then the government and big business (which aren’t they really the same thing at this point anyway) can recognize only civil unions to determine the status and benefit allotments for every person in this land of the free** (**again, the aforementioned free refers to only to heterosexual white males with an upper level annual income, all other ‘citizens’ need to refer to the amended definition of ‘free’).

Religious institutions can still have their ceremonies and those wishing to participate in them can go for it and have their exclusive club ripe with self-righteous indignation, but it won’t get them any special recognition in the eyes of our government and our employers. Isn’t that truly the way it should be? If all of us aren’t free, then none of us deserve to be! Equal protection and acknowledgment shouldn’t be a pipe dream…it’s supposed to be the way it is.