We Won’t Forget Obama’s Words!!

by angryhippie

In the wake of the devastating riots and oppression in Egypt, President Obama made a speech saying that governments around the world have a responsibility to listen to their citizens and to be responsive to the will of the public. He also urged authorities in Egypt to return the internet access back to the people, citing how important an open internet is to people, and in this day and age, it is a crucial tool of democracy.

But in order for his words to be more than hollow rhetoric, not only does the US government need to adjust its foreign policy, but we the people of the US need to hold these words in our memory banks and force our government to live up to them here at home as well. Obama and Congress need to listen to the people and kill the idea of the internet kill switch here in the US. Not talk about the evils of such a tactic meanwhile pushing forward on legislation here that would allow for the same action to be taken whenever the government deems it necessary.

And while we are talking about the people deserving a government that listens to them and is responsive, what the fuck, Obama? How can you stand there and say that shit with a straight face? If you really mean that shit, then explain to us how come Guantanamo Bay is still open. Why hasn’t the Bush Administration been tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and knowingly misleading the public to gain support for an illegal war? Why did you allow the GOP to effectively hold the people hostage so they could get the extension on the Bush tax cuts that the people were overwhelmingly in support of ending? Why is Congress pushing to repeal the HCR bill when a whopping majority of the public is against such a repeal? If the people deserve a responsive, listening government, then why the fuck don’t we have one, Obama?!

Oh, or is it really that you don’t believe any of what you said. And what you truly think is that the people don’t deserve a government that listens and responds to them, but instead they only deserve a government who will spit comforting platitudes at them in times of turmoil in hopes that no one will remember what you said when said times have passed. Because that is what your actions are really saying. Remember, they speak louder than your words!