There Once Were…

by angryhippie

There once were some people,
From all cultures and classes,
Who lived their lives surely,
With their heads up their asses.
Walking around listlessly
So dazed and confused.
Purposely scared and misled
By the 10 o’clock news.
Cowering all their days
From so many different things
Never realizing there were those
Who were pulling their strings.
You see the government
Enacted a strict rule of fear.
One they manipulated
And had fully engineered.
And the masses frightfully
All followed along.
Without ever questioning
What was going on.

Too afraid to believe
That they’d been betrayed,
Too ashamed to admit
They let themselves be played!

There once were some people,
Whose fear was disrupted,
Shaking themselves awake
And then they just erupted!
They saw the wool
As it slipped from their eyes,
They saw the strings and
The blood spilled by the lies,
They heard the truth,
With all it’s faults and it’s flaws,
And they knew they could
No longer live their life on pause.
They struck out for change
Trying to spread the word,
Of all that they’d seen
And all that they’d heard.
They knew it’d not be easy
No worthwhile fight ever is,
Vowing to keep fighting
As long as the lie lives!

Too afraid to believe
They’re too far down this slope,
Too ashamed to admit
That they have lost all hope!

There once was a nation
On the verge of dissolution
Until the awakened rose up
Sparking a revolution!
And just as they feared
When confronted with the proof
So many still refused to
Acknowledge this truth.
Even going so far as to
Violently resist
These notions that could act to
Crack the facade’s bliss.
So the enemy they faced
Came at them from two fronts,
But the awakened’s ground was held
Baring the battle’s brunt.
And they all held to their vows
Never relenting the fight,
For they knew they were just
They knew they were right.

Too ashamed to admit
They truly knew all along
Too proud to accept
The fact they were wrong.

Too proud to go gently
Into the dark of this night.
Too afraid of the lies
To not stand up and fight!

There once were some people
Who could no longer take it.
Who knew there’d be no future
Unless they fought to shape it!