The WTF Episode of the Podcast!

by angryhippie

The What the Fuck Episode of the Podcast!

In this special presentation from the Angry Hippies’ Podcast our program announcer takes over the show with a very poignant, if not overly ranty, look at several news stories that have made headlines recently which all have inspired the same Angry Hippie reaction: What The Fuck?!? From gluttony versus gunshots, to GOP energy commission candidates decrying global warming based on biblical reassurances from god, to Islamaphobic asshattery, and even to Duhbya’s not-so startling admission of guilt, down to New Oxford American Dictionary’s validation of Palin’s delusions of grandeur, and from Big insurance’s latest whistleblower’s admission of their frightening targeting of Michael Moore out of Sicko fear, to Canada’s compassionless piglet piggy bank trade, to the Senate’s continuing push for an unamended Food Safety Modernization Act, over to Mississippi for a reality check on the bigotry and hate that gender identity can bring out in kids. Though there is some good news for the West Memphis 3 in the way of a new trial, so it’s not all bad!

What the Fuck Episode of the Podcast!

Links from the Podcast

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