The Rhetoric's Repeating!

by angryhippie

So national intelligence reports came in stating that Iran was no longer the nuclear threat that the Bush Administration has been insisting that they are. Saying that Iran had disabled it’s nuclear program in 2003. But did Dubya listen to those “intelligence” reports? Hell, no. And why should he? A man who has no intelligence, has no need of intelligence reports. Especially when they contradict his well rehearsed rhetoric, because, ‘aw shucks, Rovey, it was so hard to learn the first batch of propaganda, why can’t we just keep with it. I’m the decider, and that’s what I’ve decided’. That’s not really what the President said, that was me ranting.

What he really said was this.

“Look, Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.” Insisting that no policy change was necessary, the President further stated that these reports would not sway him towards more diplomatic methods in dealing with this looming threat. Bush also said that he would not remove possible pre-emptive military strikes against Iran from the table, and that he would not deter in trying to punish them with more sanctions.

This is a familiar arrogance and cowboy-esque stance, that Bush has taken and ran blindly away with before. This time, the bullying fratboy from Texas needs a reality check, telling him that he does not have an unchallengeable authority in this arena. The people, have spoken about Iraq, so Bush and the boys are changing the location, but keeping the themes. Greed and oil.

The people need to speak up again and make sure that our voice is heard. We cannot afford the lives that Bush wants us to sacrifice in his war. We cannot afford the financial strains and burdens that Bush wants our overbloated budget and paramount debt to bare. We cannot afford another international relations debacle, lead by this stubborn corporate puppet which furthers anti-American sentiment around the world.

Haven’t we heard all of this before? They are barely changing the script for this one. “Weapons of mass destruction” have become “Enriching uranium for the manufacture of nuclear weapons”, **or ‘Learning that leads to big bombs that go boom.’ from Bush’s weekly briefing update**. They are marching us to a familiar drumbeat, that we’ve not only heard before, (and openly bitched about it’s lingering chorus of devastation), but that we’ve voted against it and it’s overwhelming tide of aggression with a true demand for change.

Unite our voices! We need to contact our representatives and demand that they stand against George W. Bush and his push for war and doling out of punishment to other countries. He’s not the ‘global decider’, or the President of the world. I think we’d save that task for someone who’s actually smarter than a fifth grader!