The Podcast : Vegan Helliday Special 8 – And a Crappy New Year

by angryhippie

Vegan Helliday Special 8 – And a Crappy New Year

In the return of the Vegan Helliday Special, Rob takes a look at holiday traveling once again, and changes in the vegan landscape in the south since last time he was around. Given the intersectionality that veganism demands, and the fact that Rob’s travels took him home to Tennessee, the episode focuses on a topic that came up in numerous ways while Rob was home, racism. Discussing the #BlackLivesMatter moment, and sharing the long list the NAACP compiled and tweeted recently providing a snapshot of the number of unarmed persons of color who have been killed by police since 1999, the episode does a lengthy dissection of systemic racism as it pertains to and has shaped our current justice system and police force. Winding down with a talk about Leelah Alcorn’s suicide, and the torture that is conversion therapy, the episode covers a large portion of current events that need to be taken with us into the new year so we can make 2015 less crappy than its predecessor.

Hellidays 8

Links from the Show

Article on Antonio Martin

Expanded NAACP short list of unarmed people of color killed by police since 1999

#BlackLivesMatter – (**In the show I misspoked and noted that the movement was started by two women, it was actually three. Their names are Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi!**)

Yves, Thanks for the following info!

Trans Housing Network

1-877-565-8860 – The Trans Lifeline (a crisis hotline created specifically for transgender people run by transgender volunteers)