The Podcast : Occupy the Truth Special MC7 Follow-up Presentation

by angryhippie

Podcast Special Follow-up : Occupy the Truth!

In this lengthy special podcast follow-up, Rob takes a further look at the growing opposition to this important socio-political movement, the underhanded tactics being used against it, and the implications of how the overall silence from the administration is speaking louder volumes than they think. With lobbying groups, mayors, Faux News Outlets and government agencies all conspiring and devising ways that they can undermine and derail this movement, Rob felt the truth could use a little light shone on it. With more violence being cruelly and unusually unleashed upon the masses gathering across the country, more light is also directed towards these increasingly brutal injustices. From iconic heroes to dastardly villians, the ups and downs of this movement fill another hour and a half’s worth of rants and rages!

MiniCast 7 Follow-up: Occupy the Truth Special Podcast Presentation!

Some Links from the Show

City Claims OWS Protesters Were Stockpiling Weapons

Crackdown on Occupy Protests Coordinated Among Mayors/FBI/DHS (DHS Advisory Council Link Mentioned in post and podcast)

Photo and story of 84-year-old Dorli Rainey’s Seattle PD Abuse

Photos of Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis Arrested at OWS

UC Davis write up on Mother Jones

The officer who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students is Lt. John Pike. Give his PD a call. 530-752-1727 / also call the Chancellor’s office (530) 752-2065

Open Letter to UC Davis Chancellor

Political Notebook (Blog where images of Lt. Pike’s UC Davis Shame are on display)

Petition to Tell Obama to Condemn Police Actions Around the Country

Rep. Ted Deutch Proposes OCCUPIED Amendment to Constitution to Remove Corporate Imbalance in Political System

99% Occupying Vacant Buildings

Video Surfaces of Oakland PD Beating Iraq Vet During Occupy Protests

Pregnant Woman Hit and Pepper Sprayed by Seattle PD Has Miscarriage

Lobbying Group Encourages Banks to Buy In on Plan to Undermine Occupy Movement

Fox News Links Occupy Movement to Attempted Assassination of Obama

BoingBoing Interview with Occupy’s ‘Bat-Signal’ Creator