The Podcast : Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror

by angryhippie

Episode 88 – The Tyranny of Terror

In brand new episode of the podcast, Rob takes a look at two recent terrorist events, before dissecting our response in the US to terrorist attacks or threats. First off, the discussion goes over the recent NAACP bombing in Colorado Springs and the lack of a committed media and police response to the issue. Even as the suspect remains at large, and the FBI investigation is allegedly underway, Rob asks some lingering questions the lackluster response to the attack has left in the minds of several locals. Then the discussion turns to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris and the ensuing hate and threats facing Muslims abroad. Also, Rob takes on how to mourn the losses of these kinds of attacks without a martyrization of erasure taking place which either sweeps the ills of the dead under the proverbial rug, or worse, has the ills dismissed as nothing bad as the public embraces and then begins reproducing the bullying-esque behaviors en masse. Then Rob ties it all together with a talk about the ways in which the US has let the terror win and reshape the country, and ways in which we allow terrorists to freely operate in this country so long as they do so behind a veil of Christianity.

Episode 88

Links from the Show

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Link from Bin on the problematic nature of terms like ‘moral schizophrenia’ (which I used in the last episode, and apologize again for)

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NAACP Bombing in Colorado Springs


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