The Podcast : Episode 87 – Katrina & Our Changing Climate

by angryhippie

Episode 87 – Katrina & Our Changing Climate

In this all new special episode of the show, Rob is joined by a very special guest, former podcast co-host, Persephone Pomegranate (aka Angie) to cover the issues surrounding Hurricane Katrina, the flooding of New Orleans, recovery efforts near ten years later in the Gulf, climate change and more as a social action project for a class they took this semester at UCCS on the subject. As they share what they learned, synthesized into a narrative in three parts, the podcast covers topics that all center around lessons we should have learned on back in 2005 as New Orleans drowned. In the wrap-up section of the program, Rob takes a solo flight through emails and talks of #BlackLivesMatter and how this powerful movement of today ties back to Katrina and some of the U.S.’s victims and refugees of climate change.

Episode 87

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Link to full David Suzuki interview that an excerpt was used from to open the show