The Podcast : Episode 85 – Male Aggression

by angryhippie

Episode 85 – Male Aggression

In this episode, Rob discusses a story sent in via Species Barrier Podcast host Ruth that deals with the unending economic growth we pursue without conscience or understanding the truth of its unsustainable nature. Then the show focuses somewhat strictly on male aggression and male acts of violence, especially those which target women. Covering the recent tragedy in California, Rob looks at the motives behind Elliot Rodgers killing spree and places part of the blame on the misogynistic socialization of males to perform this violent masculinity we are taught makes us real men. The show also discusses slightly how mental health often becomes the scapegoat in these instances only making the situation that much worse. There is a trigger warning for episode of the program that deals with violence directed at women, rape culture, and the male entitlement to women’s bodies. Opening song: Consolidated’s “Typical Male”

Episode 85

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