The Podcast : Episode 79 – Privilege Pt 2 – The White Patriarchy

by angryhippie

Episode 79 – Privilege Pt. 2 : The White Patriarchy

In this all new episode, Rob takes a look at the two most dominant categories in the privileged pyramid of oppressors, white folks and dude folks. With a look at the dominance sought through the perverse rape culture we are faced with, to the examination of privilege denial via the individual versus institutional contexts used to dismiss these wide reaching systems of oppression this new episode looks hard at white and male privilege in our society. With the help of an excerpt from Peggy McIntosh that breaks down white privilege in simple, hard to argue with terms. With slam poetry from Javon Johnson and a new DJ Mydnyt track, White Folks (White Santa’s War on Christmas) this episode promises to be evocative and entertaining! …the showrunners make no such promises.

Episode 79

Stats I misquoted in the episode (it’s actually much worse than I stated)

“Women aged 15-44 are more likely to be maimed or die from male violence than cancer, traffic accidents, and war combined.”

~Feminist talk at Students For Liberty’s 2013 Austin Regional Conference

Links Promised in the Podcast

I Got Myself Arrested So I Could Look Inside the Justice System