The Podcast : Episode 76 – 6th Year Anniversary Special

by angryhippie

Episode 76 – Election Fallout!

In this new shorter, much more singularly focused episode Rob takes a look at all of the fallout from election day 2012 and gives an appropriate nod to the day that began this podcasting journey as we roll into our sixth year on the internet airwaves! Before the fallout though, Rob looks at a little feedback which covers transphobia and a community dedicated to ending this oppressive societal norm, before bridging the dialog gap with a story about Colorado voters legalizing the recreational use and possession of marijuana for adults. This takes us across topics like the stigma of marijuana use, the drug war, forcing the federal government to either suppress the will of the people or re-evaluate their outdated stance on marijuana. As we cover more election fallout, we look at the racist reaction to Obama’s second term, the hopelessness plaguing white people across the country, conservatives’ continued determination to stall progress and subvert the will of the people, the mandate for taxing the rich and the Republican refusal to even discuss it, Mitt’s mischaracterization as a hater of women and their lady part rights, the sexist attacks of women who voted for Obama labeling them sluts, teaching hate, moving forward towards full equality, and more. Then Rob looks at some of the other positives from the election like the defeat of Republican Team Rape like Akin/Murdoch and their ilk, Mazie Hirono, Tammy Duckworth, Maine/Maryland/Minnesota all standing up for marriage equality, Mary Gonzalez, Tammy Baldwin, and Grace Meng. All with humor, music and more.

Episode 76

Links Promised in the Podcast

Colorado & Washington Pass Marijuana Legalization Measures

Link from Jen to FB group Wipe Out Transphobia

Montana Votes to say Corporations Aren’t People

Southern Poverty Law Center – For Radical Right Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear

**Trigger Warning** Jezebel post on Racist Twitter reaction to Obama’s second term

White People Mourning Romney Tumblr acct

GOP says no to taxes

NY Time article where Mitt laments on the left’s mischaracterization of him as a women hater

Fox Blames Women for Romney’s Loss…reasonable people blame Romney ;p

The Slut Vote