The Podcast : Episode 75

by angryhippie

Episode 75 – Current Events, Medical Myths!

In this all new extra long and ranty episode Rob comes out of hiatus with lots of feedback to go over talking about topics like veganism, Leonard Peltier, the No Cope podcasting network, religious oppression, womens rights in Afghanistan, imperialism, religion, LGBT community, undercover as gay, exploitation for personal gain, Timothy Kurek and more. Then Rob covers a few personal rants over the state of politics and critical thinking, lying your way to the Capitol Hill, election cycles, exercising your right to vote, participation of the people, changing the system, and using our voices all before diving into the current event stories collected for the show. Those stories touch on Veteran’s Jobs bill defeat, heartless representation, political games for gain, FBI versus intellectuals known to them as anarchists, McCarthy era tactics, Grand Jury subversion of rights, justice system, Syngenta, GMOs, GM Bt corn killing livestock, automated copyright enforcement, Hugo Awards, digital rights management disasters, rahowa, racial holy war, US soldiers arrested for plot to overthrow gov’t, revolution, racists train in US military for upcoming race war, Virginia Republican Committee calling for armed revolution if Dems win White House, violent rhetoric of the right, Greenland ice sheet melting, climate change, global warming, Mitt’s grip on reality, Obama administration fails the people with NDAA appeal, Koch brothers warn employees of consequences of Dem win, Romney tells business owners to tell employees how to vote, manipulating voters, voter suppression, killing the people’s voices, health insurance, casualties of health care system, Todd Akin, Lilly Ledbetter Act, fair pay, and freedom to be sexist. Then Rob takes a look at 5 myths the medical industry won’t let die, cycle of sickness, side effects, vaccinations, no money in making people better, Obamacare fails the lower class, natural remedies, alternative medicine, naturopaths, fluoride, with poetry and more.

Episode 75

Links Promised in the Podcast

Leonard Peltier’s case file breakdown

FB Leonard Peltier group Jen sent

No Cope Network on FB

Documentary Thor recommends on female prisoners in Afghanistan

Timothy Kurek pretends to be gay to experience LGB persecution…and to write a book.

Senate GOP blocks Veteran’s Jobs Bill

Young Persons Called to Private Grand Jury for Owning Anarchist Literature

Biotech leader Syngenta charged over covering up animal deaths from GM corn

Copyright enforcement bots destroy Hugo Awards

US Soldiers Plotted to Kill President Obama and Overthrow Government

Reuter’s report on US Military battling racism in the ranks (report on coming rahowa ‘racial holy war’)

Media turns a blind eye to record Greenland ice melt

Koch brothers warn employees to vote GOP

Romney claims ‘No One Dies from Lack of Health Insurance’

Todd Akin says businesses should be able to pay women less because of freedom

5 Most Repeated Health Myths that Doctors Have No Intention of Abandoning

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