The Podcast : Episode 74

by angryhippie

Episode 74 – Current Events, the Racist Right!

In this all new episode Rob dives into some feedback from a few listeners which takes the discussion down a couple of avenues dealing with veganism, high cost of beef, food prices in general, supply and demand, exploitation, genetic discrimination, GINA, and a predisposition to illness costing people jobs and opportunities. Then Rob gets into the current events he had prepared for the show which include Mitt Romney’s campaign of lies, knowingly misleading the public, our broken political system, systemic inequalities, starvation, food supply, ending world hunger, police brutality, Anaheim protests, Manuel Diaz, murdered by police, Jarell Brooks, Aurora hero, theatre shooting leads to calls for more gun control in US, 2nd Amendment rallying, arming the citizenry, Old West returns, more guns equals safer US, India’s power grid failure, resource supplies faltering in light of expanding populous’ demands, government transparency, Romney’s gubernatorial deleted data, hypocrisy, illegal wiretapping, cellphone surveillance, scope of spying not known by government branch tasked with overseeing and regulating, Big Brother’s blind eye, privacy disappearing, oppression in the name of safety, Chik-fil-a, LGBTQ oppression, oppression and hate embraced by elected officials, land of the free with exceptions, cowards speak hate through chicken, Merican ignorance, what US citizens don’t know about US, world view of US, status, healthcare, Chavis Carter, Jonesboro PD, suspicious circumstances surrounding death of Carter while in custody, and police search fails. Then Rob discusses the right’s embrace of racism, Romney’s campaign gets subvertly racist, the right’s obviously racist base, Michele Bachmann’s racist ranting, paranoia played out on Capital Hill, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamaphobia, George Zimmerman wants an apology for killing Trayvon Martin, with poetry and more.

Episode 74

Links Promised in the Podcast

Thanking Vegan Outreach for the love, you should check out their show

Genetic Discrimination on the rise

Leave a review for Progressive Podcast Australia here on iTunes

Romney is a liar, and the public doesn’t seem to care

World Hunger is Caused by Systemic Inequalities, Not Meat-Eaters

Anaheim protests over police brutality incur more wrath and violence from police

Jarell Brooks, 19, helps save mother and her children from Aurora theatre massacre

Only armed law-abiding citizens can prevent another Aurora….what the fuck?!?!

India’s Power Grid Disaster

Romney finally admits to destroying emails from time in office

Scope of cellphone surveillance still not known by public or government

Mike Huckabee’s hate and oppression appreciation day

10 Things Americans Don’t Know About America – long, but great read!

Chavis Carter shot while handcuffed and in back of police car

Romney Adviser says Obama doesn’t fully appreciate our Anglo-Saxon heritage

Michele Bachmann doubles down on racist ranting

In interview, Zimmerman asks for an apology

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