The Podcast : Episode 73

by angryhippie

Episode 73 – Current Events, Teaching Stereotypes!

In this all new episode Rob discusses Chicago’s new marijuana decriminalization laws as submitted by Thor before he thanks everyone for the kind words and well wishes during the Waldo Canyon Fire and our evacuation here in Manitou Springs. Rob then launches into the headlines and covers current events like the sexism and racism that reportedly pervades the US coverage of the Olympic Games, a story that looks at rape culture in Sweden, the feminist haven myth busted, gender politics still need work, Stuxnet virus, US government wants to prosecute reporters, too hard for Big Brother to cover-up illegal activities so they want to muzzle media, checks and balances, freedom of the press, Espionage Act, Coral Harbour protests, high food prices, government regulations, the Nutrition North Canada program, people starve while local store gouges customers, carnivorous plants getting enough nitrogen through pollution so cut back on eating bugs, carnivorous plants have more compassion than average human, getting nutrients without eating others, first lady Michelle Obama threatened by DC police officer in conversation with other officers, White House motorcade officer suspended while investigation over comments takes place, Bill Nye versus CNN, climate change deniers damaging public dialog, media complicit in pandering to deniers pushing opinion over science, 16 of last 17 years have been hottest on record, wildfire in CO predicted by scientists because of unusually dry conditions, Carol Costello invalidates Bill Nye’s entire interview in introduction, young Mitt Romney used to dress up like a state trooper and pull people over for fun, Romney would break the law to get his kicks, conservative Canadian government makes damaging cuts to needed science programs, anti-science governments pushing for ignorance, US destabilizing Syria as they’ve done elsewhere, Iraqization of other countries in region, arming groups to detriment of public safety, acting on agendas not on best interests of people in the region, Houla massacre, Assad’s regime, and more before going on to discuss the sex segregation of US schools, Teaching Stereotypes, Sax/Gurian junk science too long allowed to steer US education, girls brains versus boys brains, media darling dumb-shits push damaging sexism into curriculum, predatory loan practices, and student loans. With music, poetry and more.

Episode 73

Links Promised in the Podcast

Chicago City Council votes to decriminalize marijuana

Olympic coverage in US riddled with sexism and racism

Sweden and Rape: The Myth of the Feminist Haven

Stuxnet leak prompts US House to consider prosecution of journalists

North Coral Harbour protests high food prices

Carnivorous plants becoming vegetarian because of pollution

DC Police officer from White House motorcade talks about shooting Michelle Obama

Bill Nye tells CNN that equal time for climate deniers irresponsible as two sides aren’t equal

Romney used to impersonate police officer and pull people over for fun

Canadian scientists protest huge cuts in funding

in depth write up of US actions purposely destabilizing countries and the ramifications of those efforts

School sex segregation loses ground

Grieving father struggles to repay dead son’s massive student loans

Online service where women can list men who they have been sexually assaulted by, emotionally abused by, physically abused by, etc…

For anyone interested, this is the Whatsabudget Documentary about our first film and the Waldo Canyon Fire. Exclusive footage I shot of the fire is in the film.