The Podcast : Episode 72

by angryhippie

Episode 72 – Current Events, The People’s Puppetmasters!

In this all new episode Rob talks about some issues that listeners have raised in their messages, including Jane Sbrovoda’s mental illness, state of care provided to those with mental illness, ethical classrooms, globalization, impacts of unethical industries, exploitation, Inditex, we can change the world, fleshly actions versus scriptural, more anti-gay hate speech from the pulpit, among other things. Then Rob goes on to discuss some more current events that covers such subjects as radioactive Bluefin Tuna turning up in Cali as a result of Fukushima disaster, safety standards track record, US soldiers execute civilians in Ishaqi 2006 Wikileaks revealed, US has taken no steps to provide justice in the killings, above the law behavior, accountability, rules of engagement, Geneva convention, Rick Scott and Florida’s voter purge, unconstitutional actions taken to steal elections, veiled racism in comments, NYT’s David Firestone responds to voter purge, Justice Dept. getting involved, ‘Personal Lifestyle Statements’ cost Georgia Baptist University large amounts of staff, Federal Judge rules DOMA unconstitutional, Catholic Church excommunicates mother and doctors who performed life saving abortion on 9 year old abuse victim, does not do the same for her abuser, CDC rules meals have quadrupled in size since 50’s, Gov. Walker’s false testimony before Congress called into question, perjury charges could follow release of video showing contradictions to Walker’s testimony, union busting, crafting a red state by breaking the law, truth behind high cost of US healthcare revealed, cash option at hospitals often cheaper alternative than using your insurance, reform the insurance racket, Stuxnet virus in 2010 came from US and Israeli governments, cyber-sabotage, accidentally released on world wide web, targeting Iran for destabilizing a program we cannot prove they have, terrorism to save the world, gas price speculators flouting laws despite calls from Congress to stop, and Congress just complains to the President. Then Rob covers the People’s Puppetmasters, the corporations who are now in charge of multiple aspects of our mainstream media, the consolidation of the media into the hands of 4-6 major companies since the 80’s, then moves on to discuss Rep. spokesman Jay Townsend’s online comments about hurling acid in faces of female Senators, and how overt efforts have become by our corrupt government to further silence our voices and steal our elections. With music and more.

Episode 72

**Congratulations to Adam who won The Devil’s Carnival Limited Edition Autographed Soundtrack!**

Links Promised in the Podcast

Link from Amie that clarifies condition of Jane Sbrovoda

Link from Rosalia about Inditex situation and effects of Globalization

Link 2 from Rosalia about Inditex situation and effects of Globalization

Story Marc sent about Pastor liking the idea of killing gays

Link from Thor to a site with many stories like the ones covered on the podcast

Bluefin Tuna in California turning up with large amounts of radioactive cesium from Fukushima plant disaster last year

Wikileaks release shows US soldiers handcuffed and executed civilians in Iraq in 2006, US still not answering for the crimes

Florida voter purge continues, Federal government attempting to intervene

Federal Judge finds DOMA unconstitutional

CDC report on portion size of average US fast food meal compared to 1950’s

Gov. Walker asked to clarify testimony after incrementing video surfaces showing he lied to Congress

Cost of Healthcare in the US (Report Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to See)

US and Israeli governments responsible for 2010 Stuxnet virus that hit the web

Wall Street speculators continue to flout US law and artificially drive up gas prices

US Rep. spokesperson suggests hurling acid in the face of female Senators in online debate

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