The Podcast : Episode 71

by angryhippie

Episode 71 – Current Events, Cost of Education!

In this all new episode Rob goes over some emails that take the dialog over some topics like veganism, vegan outreach, faith, Christianity, VAWA, House revisions of Violence Against Women Act, no recourse for immigrant victims of violence, discrimination, racism, same-sex marriage, same-sex divorce, issues with non-equal protection under the law, hateful homophobia, Jane Skrovota and more before moving on to the current events segment of the show. There Rob discusses Bush amdministration war criminals, US accountability to international law, torture, NATO Summit in Chicago equals police state actions, Occupy protesters ‘disappeared’ by Chicago police, unlawful detention of US citizens, FBI versus George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, hate crimes, protesting for justice, House cuts aid to public while stopping cuts to defense, making the vulnerable more vulnerable, Joseph Kony dead for two years, hidden US agenda in Uganda, Census shows white births the minority, multicultural nation, extremists’ reaction pending, New Mexico pays Marvel for filming there, US government subsidizes Hollywood, wasteful subsidies undermine important needed infrastructure, inventing terrorists, FBI entrapment creating terrorist plots to prevent, more threats equal more money needed to address them, cost of education, student debt, privatization push, undermining of educational system, and costing us our future. With poetry and more.

Episode 71

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Links Promised in the Podcast

US House vote a step backwards for Women’s Rights

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other Admin officials convicted of war crimes in absentia

Protesters from Chicago Occupy Movement ask ‘Where did cops take our pals’

Activists raided & arrested ahead of NATO Summit and are held without charge

FBI seeks possible hate crime charges against George Zimmerman

Sources reporting Joseph Kony may have been dead for 2 years

Whites account for under half of US births according to Census data

New Mexico subsidized The Avengers to the tune of $22 million

FBI entrapment is inventing terrorists and letting bad guys off the hook

5 Mindblowing facts about student debt (really 4 with one filler fact)

‘Trayvon Martin’ gun range targets sell out in two days…because people fucking suck!