The Podcast : Episode 70

by angryhippie

Episode 70 – Current Events, Dept. of Corrections!

In this all new episode Rob looks at a few stories sent in from listeners which covers criminalizing feeding the homeless in the US, devaluing lives, Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks of July 22, ALEC, corporations buying legislation, dwelling on the past for a better future, Catholic Church’s history of abuse and why it still matters today, veganism, and more. After moving on to the current events portion of the show, Rob discusses Pastor Sean Harris’ violent anti-gay sermon, religious bigotry, racism built North Carolina’s Amendment One, religious oppression of LGBTQ community, Brandy Martell, Paige Clay, Coko Williams, Deoni Jones, CeCe McDonald, violence against transgender woman of color, equal protection under the law, uranium mining, water pollution, Elisha Yellow Thunder, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, In-situ leach mining, Lincoln High School, school discipline, throw-away students, talking to kids like they are people, Catholic Priests oppose reporting pedophilia bill in Ireland, child abuse, Obama endorses marriage equality, states allowed to illegally oppress LGBTQ community, Jane Skrovota, hate speech, jury pools tainted by racial bias, justice system, jury of your peers, sex worker stigma, leaving sex workers unprotected under law, bias’ interfere with police work, serial killer targets aboriginal sex workers in Canada in 90’s, police response is beyond lacking, Victoria Cruz, need for outreach for transgender individuals, National Crime Victims’ Service Awards, Chut Wutty, fighting for Cambodia’s indigenous peoples, deforestation, corporate greed executing activists, Tennessee Don’t Say Gay Bill, Missouri HB2051, removing discussions of LGBTQ lives and sexual experiences from public schools, allowing bullying, LGBTQ discrimination, Mary Ward, UNFIT: Ward vs Ward, custody ruling based on lesbianism of mother, murderer given custody because he was straight, Heartland Institute, climate change deniers, shame campaign, disinfo, Alan Blueford, Oakland PD, summary execution of black teen after profiling, shooter bias, George Junius Stinney Jr. executed at age of 14 could now be cleared of charges over 60 years later, Department of Corrections, death penalty, flawed system with absolute punishment demands rethinking, and Naoto Matsumura ‘Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals’. With a Devil’s Carnival autographed Soundtrack giveaway, and further clarification on fluoride and the brain, poetry, music and more.

Episode 70

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Links Promised in the Podcast

Passing Laws to Prevent Humanitarians From Feeding the Homeless

Anders Breivik’s Trial Begins in Norway for the Terror Attacks of July 22

ALEC and Corporations Behind It

Pastor Sean Harris advises congregation to beat the gay out of their kids

Amendment One’s Racist Base

Transgender Woman Murdered in Oakland and Nobody Cares

Black Poor Young Trans Sadly Often Recipe for Violence

Petition to Free Cece McDonald

Uranium in the drinking water

Lincoln High School tries new approach to school discipline

Catholic Priests Oppose Bill to Report Pedophilia in Ireland

Obama Endorses Marriage Equality

Study Proves Racism Impedes With Trial by Jury

Serial Killer Targeted Aboriginal Women in Canada, Police Bigotry Prevents Investigation

Victoria Cruz and Others Honored for Work With Victims of Violent Crimes

Cambodian Activist Chut Wutty Killed

TN and MO Don’t Say Gay Bills

Mary Ward and Documentary of How She Lost Custody of Her Daughter for Being a Lesbian to Her Murderer Ex-Husband

Heartland Institute Compares Climate Science Believers and Reporters to Mass Murderers

Alan Dwayne Blueford Executed by Oakland PD

New Evidence Could Clear 14 Year Old Executed by South Carolina

Naoto Matsumura: Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals