The Podcast: Episode 68

by angryhippie

Episode 68 – Current Events, Phony 2012!

In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob goes over some listener feedback which takes the dialog through topics like organized religion, government granted freedom, spirituality, EU economy, distractions, US Gov’t distractions, HR347, suppressing voices of dissent, US Government’s legislative reaction to ‘Arab Spring’, and more before moving on to the current events portion of the program. There Rob covers billionaire Kenneth Griffin’s comments on the rich need more influence on the government, Mitt Romney, the One Percent, NAACP asks UN to look into racial US voter suppression, manipulating democracy, legislative attack on Black and Latino voters, the Lakota Freedom Delegation, Native American tribes, Russell Means, Lakota Nation, sovereignty from United States, atrocities from US government, right-wing talk radio caught in Rush’s wake, advertisers losing taste for angry political hate speech, Pat Robertson reverses stance on Marijuana, 700 Club host weighs in on failure of the War on Drugs, Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, racist Florida vigilante justice, Sanford police department fails Martin family, racism interferes with justice, South Dakota removing Native American children from homes and tribes, non-accordance with Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, systemic erasure of Native American culture, abstinence only sex education introduced and vetoed in Utah, damaging impact of sexual misinformation, Shelley Hilliard, violence against transgender community still prevalent and unreported, LBGT community ignoring plight of the Transgender members, resources and programs just not available for transgender individuals, White Saviors, Invisible Children, Kony 2012, LRA, Rosebell Kagumire, Betty Bigombe, stereotypes of helpless Africans persist, US military intervention in Uganda, establishing a false narrative, ignoring Uganda’s recovery, US Military intervention’s impact around the world, anniversary of My Lai Massacre, war atrocities, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, listening to the people, poetry, and more.

Episode 68

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Links Promised in the Podcast

HR347 Federal Anti-Occupy Bill

Billionaire backer of Romney calls for increase in rich’s influence in gov’t

NAACP calls on UN to look into racially motivated voter suppression in US

Lakota Nation declares formal, unilateral withdrawal from all treaties and agreements with US gov’t

Rush killing right-wing hate-talk radio

Pat Robertson’s reversal on his Marijuana stance and on the failures of the Drug War

Trayvon Martin probe reveals Police misconduct

Witnesses to Trayvon Martin’s murder heard boy cry for help

Petition to Prosecute Trayvon Martin’s Murderer, George Zimmerman

NPR reports South Dakota removes hundreds of Native American children from their families and tribes

Huffington Post: LGBT Leadership – Split Hairs and Burnt Bodies

The Problems with ‘Stop Kony 2012′

Ugandans’ Reactions to IC’s Kony 2012 Campaign

Rosebell Kagumire’s site

Story of Betty Bigombe’s work to bring peace in Uganda

Joseph Kony resolution introduced in US House of Representatives

information on the My Lai Massacre during Vietnam War