The Podcast: Episode 66

by angryhippie

Episode 66 – Current Events, Contraception Coverage!

In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob dives into some feedback on the previous show which brings up a discussion of vegan cats, speciesism, imposing human morals and ideas onto other species, cut flowers and wasted resources, water shortages, corporations buying water rights, inappropriate police behavior, undercover adults entrapping teens, targeted teens, and the drug war before moving on to the current events. This section covers a plea for financial assistance for the Davis family, Troy Anthony Davis, Virginia Davis, Martina Davis, loss of three family members last year, Heartland Insider, think-tanks, Heartland Institute, lobbyists in disguise, climate deniers, climate change, Progressive Podcast Australia, environmental disasters, climate disasters now impact 4 out 5 US citizens, extreme unnatural weather patterns, confusing climate change issue through curriculum, corporate paid for denial of climate change, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, reclassifying everyday behaviors as mental illness, DSM, rape treated as a mental illness, rebellious teens now diagnosable, pathologising criminal behavior, wage theft, businesses stealing money as business model, intimidating vulnerable employees into silence, little recourse for wage theft in Florida, Jeb Bush dismantled Dept of Labor, tens of millions lost to wage theft per week in US, New Hampshire Rep Kyle Jones says laws requiring employers to give lunch breaks are unnecessary, social media policing of corporate malfeasance, regulate yourselves, meanwhile corporations known for denying employees breaks, media participating in fear mongering, drive to war with Iran, same tune as Iraq just a different narrative, no lessons learned from Iraq, media complicit in pushing politicians and corporations agendas, buying news, paid messages passed off as commentary, Bush Administration using media as a mouthpiece, Alabama bigotry breaking state, strict immigration policy leads to crumbling state infrastructure, cost-benefit analysis of bigoted policy, 2.3 billion dollar cost to economy, jobs left by immigrants unemployed Alabamans refusing to fill,, NYPD’s 30 years of illegal arrests, Judge orders city to pay for violations of constitutional rights, fluoride in water supply, Nolan Finley suggests adding birth control sterilants to water to control and limit poor population in Detroit, victim blaming, blaming poor for deindustrialization when they are a result, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Grammy Awards, domestic violence, women don’t matter in patriarchal society, Jay-Z, industry silence, internet blames Rihanna, Grammys were the real victims, celebrity abusers of women get a pass, Bill Murray, Gary Oldman, Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, Usher forced to apologize for Chris Brown slight, lack of Republican support for reauthorization of Violence Against Women Act, law grants eased immigration access to those fleeing abusive situations, GOP objects, Contraception coverage, patriarchy, reproductive health, misogynistic and patronizing media and political discussion on contraception, women’s voices going unheard, insurance coverage biases, moral objections to coverage points, Santorum weighs in on debate, Obama may be playing stealthy game of reelection chess, high cost of insurance, Forks Over Knives, industrial price gouging, over-reactionary off-duty Deputy draws gun in Wal-Mart, poetry, and more.

Episode 66

Links Promised in the Podcast

Vegan Outreach UK’s blog post on Vegan Cats

Huffington Post piece on Undercover Cops Entrapping Teenagers to Sell them Marijuana – From Marc

Story on Cut Flower Industries and Environmental Impacts – From Marcus

Donation Fund for Davis Family

Heartland Insider releases info on think-tank’s lobbying activities & climate denial curriculum

Report shows 4 out of 5 US citizens impacted by climate disasters

Revisions to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders seeks alarming changes **Trigger Warning**

Wage Theft costs US workers Millions every week

Rep Kyle Jones thinks no law is necessary to make employers provide lunch breaks

Fear Mongering in Media for War with Iran

2006 Story on Bush Admin and corporations writing ‘News’

Alabama’s harsh immigration laws will cost state $2.3 billion

NYPD’s 30 years of illegal arrests

Detroit News Editor want to Sterilize the poor through Water Supply

Chris Brown performing at the Grammy’s and why you should be pissed

Risk Santorum’s elitist views on contraception coverage

Obama’s move on contraception may be more clever than it seems

Deputy Pulls Gun in Wal-Mart Express Lane