The Podcast : Episode 65

by angryhippie

Episode 65 – Current Events, GOP Theocracy!

In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob goes over a little bit of feedback that he received since the last which takes the show through Kansas Speaker’s Bible verse for Obama’s assassination, Christian hate speech getting a pass, Progressive Podcast Australia, climate change, Durban Climate Change Conference, carbon offsets, environmental tipping points, climate deniers and more. Then Rob goes on to discuss some current events making the news like Sarah Palin’s latest example of climate change ignorance, a possibly triggering story of rape culture being worsened by Lad culture, UniLad, victimizing victims further, Rep. Allen West tells Dems to get the hell out of America, no place for equality and justice, politicians out of touch with reality, Obama’s divisive rhetoric of fairness, unprecedented plumes of Methane being released due to Arctic sea ice melting, global warming, increased atmospheric pollution, Arctic Shelf, Anonymous hackers find ties between Ron Paul and white Supremacist group A3P, American Third Position, Nick Griffin, British National Party, Sen. Marco Rubio introduces bill to reverse Obama’s birth control coverage mandate, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Catholic Advocate PAC, Catholic Advocate Candidate Fund, separation of church and state, Romney not concerned about the poor, middle class America, safety net solutions, Pink Slime on Public School Lunch Program menu, ammonia washed processed meat, e-coli cleansing, Jamie Oliver, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, welfare drug testing bill pulled because amended to test lawmakers, legislative hypocrisy, poor cannot spend money as they want, Rep. Jud McMillin, Rep. Ryan Dvorak, Rick Santorum says people feel obligated to free health care, people will pay for iPad but complain about high cost of prescription meds, stifling innovation by asking for fair prices, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation cuts funding to Planned Parenthood for being under federal investigation, but keeps funding Penn State through theirs, playing politics with cancer, Nancy Brinker, Karen Handel, shortsighted solutions, Republicans push for Theocracy, quotes from Thanksgiving Family Forum and GOP candidates, CitizenLink, Family Leader, what brand of Christianity do they want to install, abolishing non-compliant courts, homeless citizens in US outnumbered 24 times by number of empty homes, anti-Westboro Baptist Church protesters using group to raise money for GLBTQ causes, poetry, and more.

Episode 65

Links Promised in the Podcast

Kansas Speaker O’Neal Asks House GOP to Pray for Obama’s Death – From Marc

Progressive Podcast Australia – great show that’s definitely worth checking out!

Rep. Allen West Tells Democrats to Get the Hell Out of America

Vast Methane Plumes Seen in Arctic Ocean as Sea Ice Retreats

Anonymous Hacks White Supremacist Site, Finds Direct Links to Ron Paul

Sen. Rubio Introduces Bill to Overturn Obama Birth Control Decision

Romney ‘I’m Not Concerned About the Very Poor’

‘Pink Slime’ Still on the Menu at Public Schools in the US

Welfare Recipient Drug Testing Bill Pulled When Amended to Include Law Makers in Random Drug Testing

Santorum Tells Sick Kid Not to Complain About 1 Million Dollar Drug Costs Because People Pay 900 for an iPad

Komen Foundation Gave 7.5 Million Dollar Grant to Penn State Now Violating Own New Policy

Picture of the GOP’s Christian Theocracy