The Podcast : Episode 64

by angryhippie

Episode 64 – Current Events, Bullies with Badges!

In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob takes a look at some e-mails and the stories attached to them which touch on stressing the financially depressed, collection scams, credit card debt, rape as a tactic of war, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti earthquake relief results, no relief in site, cholera epidemic, shady humanitarian efforts, disgusting displays of greed and corruption before moving on to the topics that were set aside to discuss. Those current events cover pro-life hypocrisy, pubic executions, death penalty, Rep. Larry Pittman, SOPA, PIPA, OPEN, new anti-piracy legislation, corporate sponsored legislation, protecting profits from artists, ICE, Dallas teen deported to Colombia, failure in government systems, victim blaming, racist bullying in US military leads to suicides, fuck hazing of any kind, Army Private Danny Chen, Marine Harry Lew, need mandatory military screenings for racism in cadets, Age of Thirst, droughts and high temps lead to records in wildfire devastation, water shortages, climate change, NYPD COBRA Unit plays Anti-Muslim propaganda film for trainees, The Third Jihad, DHS agent hands off film, accountability and awareness of government, East Haven’s Millers Boys, FBI arrest four East Haven CT cops for discrimination, targeting Latino population of community for violence and abuse, East Haven Mayor Maturo defends police with racism, systemic racism in police force, US police bullies with badges towards people of color, police brutality, TN Rep. John Ragan, homophobia and bullying allowed on moral and religious basis, LGBTQ teen suicides, Philip Parker, ignorant politicians, Ron Paul vs Republicans, write-in vote of no confidence on POTUS election, voting no evils, Emilie Autumn and the Bloody Crumpets, Newt’s moonbase, music, poetry, and more.

Episode 64

Links Promised in the Podcast

**Trigger Warning – Graphic discussion of rape as a tactic of war in the Congo and the stigma and aftermaths of the attacks** Ms. Magazine’s Spring 2005 story on Rape in the Congo (as I said in the podcast, this is an important story, but an extremely difficult one to read)

Truth Behind Aid Sent to Haiti After Earthquake of Jan. 2010

Pro-Life NC Rep. Calls for Return to Public Hangings for Abortion Providers

SOPA and PIPA Not Dead Yet, And They Have a New Partner in Crime, OPEN

Dallas Teen Mistakenly Deported to Colombia by the ICE, Who Blames Her

**Trigger Warning – Story of Racist Bullying Leading to Suicide of US Soldiers** US Troops Charged After Fellow GI Hazing Victim Danny Chen Found Dead

Age of Thirst

NYPD Played Anti-Muslim Propaganda Film on Loop at COBRA Training Center

FBI Arrest 4 East Haven CT Police Officers for Alleged Racial Discrimination and Violence Carried Out Against Latino Citizens

Mayor Maturo of East Haven Defends Cops Who Were Arrested by Making Racist Statement of His Own