The Podcast : Episode 63

by angryhippie

Episode 63 – End of 2011 / Start of 2012 Rant-up

In this brand new episode of the podcast, Rob takes a ranty look at some stories that wrapped up 2011 and a few that have kicked off 2012. Ranting on about Obama signing the NDAA into law, the way we combine legislation that should fail with others so it won’t, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, internet piracy, more profits for artists less for the labels, Megaupload seized by FBI, Anonymous responds, Operation Global Blackout, GOP debates, Mitt Romney’s tax rate, envious OWS, economic inequality, elitist education system, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul’s racism, Ron Paul’s sexism, reasons not to vote for Ron Paul, warmonger Rick Perry, Iran’s nuclear scientist assassinations, Newt Gingrich versus child labor laws, Newt wants more money in politics, ideas for fixing our political system, Bernie Sanders’ Save American Democracy Amendment, more fighting in Libya, protests and violence continue in Egypt, Afghan forces step up killing of Allied Forces, unwarranted US occupations, Cops Gone Wild moment of 2011, Dayle Long, off-duty cop shoots man in bar argument because he can, JoPa dies, sports fan mourn while proponents of child safety rest easier, idolizing celebrities, scientist genetically modify goats to produce spider silk, and compassion. With a little Jay Smooth commentary, music, life lessons, and more.

Episode 63

Links Promised in the Podcast

Jay Smooth’s Campaign Doctrine Video Newt vs Romney

Obama signs NDAA into law

Infographic on US Military Spending

Romney says OWS movement envious of 1%

Romney’s tax rate same as those living at poverty line

Rick Perry would send troops back into Iraq right now!

Why Ron Paul Sucks!…and you shouldn’t vote for him

Bernie Sanders Save American Democracy Amendment to the Constitution Senate petition

Afghan Soldiers Step Up Killings of Allied Forces

Off-Duty Cop Shoots Man in bar over dart game…because he’s a cop and do what he wants

WTF Moment Story on Genetically Modified Spider-Goats