The Podcast : Episode 62 – 5th Anniversary Ep

by angryhippie

Episode 62 – Current Events, Half Baked Legislation!

In this anniversary episode, Rob responds to some listener’s feedback that deals with the UN’s plans to honor Qaddafi for human rights efforts, real reasons behind US intervention in Libya, JP Morgan’s 4.6 Million Dollar donation to NYPD, and vegans working in fields that are less than vegan. Then Rob goes on to cover some stories about tax funded CPC’s threatening non-christian women with damnation, funding frauds, Oakland PD breaking their own rules, Occupy violence, police brutality, SIM use on nonviolent protesters forbidden, Brooklyn PD detains shooting victim, illegal detention, criminal cops, Takesha Griffin, Congressional Heckler’s veto, breaking the balance, bullies on the hill, REINS Act, CA registers sex offenders as care givers, discarding the vulnerable, White House proves it’s only posturing, calls for Marijuana reform from public ignored by Obama, LEAP, burn pits sickening our soldiers, Pentagon denying accountability for illnesses, US toxifying Iraq and Afghanistan environ, NYPD undermining Occupy movement, acting out, fearing the movement, Personhood amendments, Alabama beats Antis, legislation lacking thought, FOIA revisions, Justice Dept wants freedom to lie, public misinformation. With voicemails, poetry, music and more.

Episode 62

Links Promised in the Podcast

Google search results on UN honoring Qaddafi from Marc

JP Morgan Donates millions to NYPD before dam broke on OWS

CPC’s telling women to convert to Christianity or burn

PDF of Oakland PD’s codes of conduct

Brooklyn PD illegally holds shooting victim for 5 days

Heckler’s Veto coming to Congress (REINS Act)

Registered Sex Offenders Caring for the Vulnerable in CA

White House continues to ignore calls for Marijuana reform

Burn Pits in Iraq and Afghanistan making our soldiers sick

NYPD encouraging law breakers to head down to Occupy protest to stir trouble

Half Baked Legislation from the Anti-Choice movement

Freedom to Lie About Information Requested via FOIA