The Podcast : Episode 61

by angryhippie

Episode 61 – Current Events, Death of a Dictator

In this new episode, Rob checks in on July’s terrorist attacks in Norway with the awesome assistance of one of our listeners from Oslo giving us a rundown of the the day and aftermath of the attacks. Many thanks, Thor! Rob also briefly touches on the Occupy Oakland brutality and the overall instances of brutality once more before moving on to the current events portion of the podcast where he covers slavery in Alabama, racism in the south, the corrupt corporate prison system, rape culture, asshats of Hot Girls of OWS, fuck Steven Greenstreet, misogyny in the OWS movement, sexual objectification of women, Catholic Church baby theft, destroying lives through Jesus, H.R. 2250, deregulating the EPA, trading lives for jobs, environmental damage, Pro-Life House good with premature deaths, inventing our enemies, Iran’s bizarre assassination plot of Saudi Ambassador according to US, US Attorney General Eric Holder, lying to incite, misleading the public on purpose, Bush-era tactics still employed by White House, Qaddafi toppled, political assassination, murder of a despot, Obama & Clinton elated at killing, blinding justice, poor voters, Vadum the vacuous voice of voter registration reason. With voicemails, poetry, music and more.

Episode 61

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Pro-Life House Okay to Kill Thousands

Inventing Our Enemies

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