The Podcast : Episode 60

by angryhippie

Episode 60 – Current Events, Christian Extremism!

In this new episode, Rob talks a lot about racism around the world and how prevalent this problem still is, even as many deny its existence today. With other stories brought up in listener letters and comments, Rob discusses the recent hate crime in Mississippi, the government default and more before moving on to the stories collected for the show. From the West Memphis Three’s release and retrial, the underhanded court system covering their ass, the “Talk”, racism from the police, race relations, Stephen Lawrence, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, to coverage of the London riots, class divide, racism, Mark Duggan, white privilege, dismissal of cause, more effects to come, women’s rights, pregnancy erases rights, murder charges for women losing pregnancies in US, GMO, Hungary vs Monsanto Maize, Food Not Bombs vs Orlando, Orlando vs Anonymous, hiding the homeless, Christian privilege, atheist death threats, 9/11 site cross, Fox News viewership is frightening, WI special election fix, Gov. Scott Walker vs Democratic district voters, voters and democracy disrespected, debt ceiling debacle, cutting the people, Special Congress cuts, Christian Extremism, Norway terrorist manifesto, anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic sentiments, My Fellow Americans project, hero’s ignored by media, media bias and bigotry showing, Lesbian life-savers ignored after Norway massacre. With voicemails, poetry, music and more.

Episode 60

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