The Podcast : Episode 59

by angryhippie

Episode 59 – Current Events, Anonymous vs US Gov’t!

In this new, extra long episode Rob dives into the feedback that has been piling up in the show’s absence to talk about trigger warnings, alternate perspectives on 9/11 and Bin Laden murder, American aggression, war on terror, war on drugs, Jesus Camp, brainwashing, religion and kids, programming, Christianity, moral standards, bible, no God mayhem and murder, Christianity not recipe for pure good, control through fear, spirituality over organized religion, sexism, speaking out, and sparking change through information before moving on to the current events coverage. This includes looks at the Norway terror attacks, color changes definitions of law, terrorist agenda, Utoya shootings, Oslo bombing, mainstream media failures, kinectic military action vs war, hacking an act of war to US, US bombing foreign governments not act of war to US, US Feds say no MMJ, marijuana has no medicinal value in eyes of US Feds, science disagrees, US gov’t gets sued over ruling on medicinal pot, open season on MMJ dispensaries, Obama reverses 2009 stance, Ogden Memo, entrapment, states remain silent on Feds new MMJ attacks, Wachovia drug money, Mexican drug cartels, money laundering, US banks profiting off drug war, hypocrisy towards MMJ money, Corporate US vs Haitian workers, minimum wage fight, Big Brother Inc, exploiting abroad, Urban Outfitters, operating without conscience, California prisoner release, overcrowding leading to riots, basic rights should not be suspended in jail, rehabilitation near impossible in our systems, Obama caves to Israeli agenda, Palestinians not to get their land back, AIPAC, legitimizing imperialism, Syed Saleem Shahzad, Reporters Without Borders, Asia Times, Pakistan, journalists vs dictatorial regimes, good news from potentially bad, Transwoman gets help with surgery, Calgary radio, Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011, Obama precrime legislation, preemptive incarceration, indefinite incarceration, suspension of civil liberties, changing law to make gov’t crimes legal, becoming Bush, Guantanamo Bay detainees, Anonymous’ letter to citizens of US, voice and power to the people, ending corporate theocracy, food supply safety in US, government further selling out its people, lobbied-logic, with voicemails, poetry and more.

Episode 59

Links Promised in the Podcast

Terrorist attacks in Norway

US redefining war to suit agendas and needs

US Feds rule Marijuana has no medicinal value…apparently they were stoned when they read all of the science and reports to the contrary

White House declares open season on MMJ dispensaries

Whachovia laundering money for Mexican drug cartels

US State Dept and Embassy pressured Haitian Government to not raise minimum wage of workers to $5 a day

Brandon Ross, 16, charged with murder of 15 year old accomplice who was shot and killed by police

TW – Tennessee’s bizarre anti-LGBTQ campaign

Califoria ordered to transfer or release thousands of inmates due to overcrowding

Obama tells Israel ‘take whatever you want’

Asia Times reporter found murdered in Pakistan

Federal Legislation proposed that would effectively end Marijuana prohibition

House Republicans vote to cut needed funding for food safety

Anonymous’ list of grievances and demands against US government:
Enforce RICO Laws
Break Up the Big Banks
End the Fed
Break Up the Mainstream Media / encourage citizen journalists
Shut the Revolving Door
End Closed Door Lobbying
Increase Government Transparency
End Corporate Personhood
Amend Campaign Finance
Verify All Votes
Investigate War Profiteers
Investigate War Crimes
End the Wars
Restore Civil Liberties
Uphold the Constitution
Clean Air, Water & Food
Reduce Healthcare Costs, Profiteering
Make Healthcare a Human Right
Improve Education For All, Reduce Costs
Reform Prison System
Reform drug laws
Stop spending so much money on drugs! NYC spent $75million alone on marijuana arrests.
Immigration Reform
Rebuild Infrastructure
Protect Internet Freedom
Empower States’ Rights
End Corporate Welfare
Fair taxes for everyone!
Enforce corporate responsibility
Force corporations to apply local labor laws in their global operations
Strengthen environmental laws and force corporations to clean up their act
Work for a real separation of church and state – and a real split between corp and state?
Reinstate Habeus Corpus
Allow felons who have paid their debt to restore voting rights
Stop prison labor from competing with local businesses
Additional objectives
End lifetime appointments to the SCOTUS
Abolish the “Patriot Act”
Abolish the lobbying system (no paid lobbyists)
Close Guantánamo
Establish and define “financial terrorism” as a treasonous act and prosecute offenders vigorously
Enshrine gender equality in the constitution
End corporate money in the election process
“Reduce non-emergency military funding”