The Podcast : Episode 58

by angryhippie

Episode 58 – Current Events, Costs of Curing Cancer!

In this new, extra long episode Rob takes a look at some feedback from listeners that covers judgmental and argumentative Christians, spirituality, veganism, animal testing, dropping the ball, Daily Show and Friends Without Benefits segment, government stalls payments to 9/11 first responders to check backgrounds to ensure none of them are terrorists, Vegan Freaks, Whatsabudget Films, ranty goodness, poems from older shows, and the Rapture. Then Rob moves on to discuss Obama and Noam Chomsky’s reactions to Osama bin Laden’s assassination, impacts on the future, and our strained relationship with Pakistan, the lack of evidence tying bin Laden to 9/11, the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, rape as a tactic of war, massive under-reporting, international intervention only when benefits can be gained, playing strategy with lives, police brutality against protesters, excessive force, Alexandra Svoboda, connections needed for justice these days, GOP passes H.R.3, redefinition of rape language fallback loophole in legislation, women’s rights, funding for abortion, tax increase on women, rape audits, climate change deniers tied to Big Oil, massive money spent to distort public opinion, Merchants of Doubt, state of Alabama after storms rip through southern US, looting, disaster relief, National Guard, Alabama Possible, Canadian researchers find a cure for cancer Pharmaceutical companies don’t care, patent equals participation, no profit no cure, mitochondria, DCA, glycolysis, keeping the people sick makes money, Houston Press, responsible media, list of Texas’ hottest female sex offenders proves patriarchal lows know no bounds, Nick Espinosa versus Newt Gengrich, taste the rainbow, with poetry and more.

Episode 58

Links Promised in the Podcast

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Judge Reverses Jury’s Decision in Svoboda Sentencing

Trigger Warning – House GOP Passes H.R.3

9 out of 10 Largest Profile Climate Change Deniers Have Ties to Big Oil

Alabama Tornado Relief – How you can help!

Scientists Cure Cancer, But No One Takes Notice

DCA Research Information from the University of Alberta’s Official Website

Trigger Warning – Houston Press Prints List of Texas’ 10 Hottest Female Sex Offenders