The Podcast : Episode 57

by angryhippie

Episode 57 – bin Laden!

In this new episode Rob explores the implications and circumstances surrounding the US’s assassination of wanted international terrorist Osama bin Laden. Dissecting President Obama’s overly celebratory and arrogant declarations upon announcing the killing of bin Laden and sharing numerous reports to offer insight as to just what exactly took place in the compound in Abottabad. With Pakistan denying any knowledge of bin Laden’s whereabouts and our Navy SEAL mission to ‘bring him to justice’, one has to wonder what role they had in all of this, and what consequences they will suffer as the smoke settles and full truth comes to light. Also, as that light shines on the truth of what happened, the US needs to answer some very specific questions regarding the legality of our handing out of this brand of ‘justice’. Rob also looks at some of the questions surrounding the incident with feedback, music, and more.

Episode 57

Links Promised in the Podcast

Why did the US bury bin Laden at sea within 24 hours of his murder?

Pakistan denying knowledge of, well…anything?

Accounts of bin Laden shielding himself with his wife in firefight appear to have been false…as were claims that he was even armed during the exchange.

Justice or Vengeance?

Questions over legality of US’s killing of bin Laden surfacing