The Podcast : Episode 56

by angryhippie

Episode 56 – Current Events, the Curious Case of Jordan Brown!

In this new episode Rob tackles some feedback which looks at heinous hunting, GoDaddy founder, racism, Jimmy, Asians in the library response, abortion, South Dakota, waiting period, crisis pregnancy counseling, Governor Dennis Daugaard, and anti-choice attacks. Rob also covers Chris Brown via Jay Smooth, sexism, violence against women, representative disconnects, economic imbalance, Rep. Sean Duffy, GOP foot in mouth syndrome, Republican video recall, financial woes, Pastor Terry Jones, Koran burning sparks riots, United Nations employees killed, Afghanistan, Pakistan, religious wars, faith vs faith, justice system, Denver Police Dept, Jose Sanchez, ACLU lawsuit, racism in action, immigration nightmare, illegal immigrant crackdown, unqualified police force, Jordan Brown murder charges, giving up on an 11 year old, bungled investigation, defense fund, private citizens paying twice for police work to be done once, rehabilitation missing element in justice system, DMagazine asshattery, classism and privilege, exploitation, day laborers, Donald Trump, birthers, presidential campaign, poetry, and more.

Episode 56

Links Promised in the Podcast

Story from Jim about SD’s waiting period for abortion

Talking Points Memo has a clip from the video the GOP doesn’t want you to see

Florida Pastor burns Koran resulting in deaths in Afghanistan

Jose Sanchez vs Denver PD

Site dedicated to Helping Save Jordan Brown

DMagazine teaches you how to be a true Dallasshat!

Yes Magazine’s review of the Moral Underground: How ordinary Americans subvert an unfair economy

Video that Wende submitted, pure pwnage!

Video on the War on Drugs shared by Marc. Student forum on drug war.