The Podcast : Episode 55

by angryhippie

Episode 55 – Current Events, the PC Police!

In this new episode Rob goes over a little bit of feedback which covers Baja Arizona, southern Arizona liberals wanting to secede from more conservative north, gerrymandering, rape culture, sexism, American Apparel, 11 year old raped by group of older men then blamed by community for her attack, objectification and victim blaming, support from listeners, and overseas listeners. Then Rob sets his sites on the current events including breaking news from Libya, France jets launch first international attacks on Gaddafhi’s forces, ‘Mo’ Mohammed Al-Nabbous from Libya’s Al Hurra TV killed in firefight, Libya’s citizen led media, Japan’s nuclear situation seems to be stabilizing, radiation contamination discovered in groundwater, spinach and milk in Fukushima’s neighboring communities, Pakistani people’s angered response to government’s release of suspected US spy Raymond Davis, diplomatic immunity equals getting away with murder, US arrogance, tribal reprisals, US silent on subject of blood money paid for Davis’ freedom, US air strike in North Waziristan kills 38 civilians, Micheal Vick honored as a hero, community service requirement equals hero status, celebrity crimes forgiven and forgotten, hero worshipping the worthless, Agriculture Industry and Iowa lawmakers team up to criminalize whistle-blowing, corporate lawbreakers get less interference and public intervention, lying to farms to get work in order to record violations equals blowing up buildings, further redefining terrorism to stop animal rights advocates, Political Correctness, privileged lamenting over being asked to be more respectful and considerate, PC police, speciesism, Kansas lawmaker jokes about gunning down illegal immigrants, Kansas talk, feral pig hunting, slaughter is slaughter, poetry, and more.

Episode 55

Links Promised in the Podcast

Boing Boing article about Mohammed ‘Mo’ Al-Nabbous

Pakistans outrage over Raymond Davis release

Micheal Vick to be honored as a hero…yes, you read that right.

Iowa Bill can mean up to 10 years in jail for Exposing Animal Cruelty

Kansas Lawmaker’s immigrant assassination suggestion not taken as the joke he intended?