The Podcast : Episode 53

by angryhippie

Episode 53 – Current Events, US Spy Supplies Al Qaeda?

In this new episode Rob is flying solo once more (even though I spoke to the contrary on the last episode) and opens looking at Bernie Sanders taking on budget nonsense, representation of the rich, election cycle politicians, selective representation, before covering some feedback from the last episode which touched on marijuana, sexism of American Apparel, racism in the media, racism in the justice system, more on Arivaca and Tuscon tragedies, mainstream media failure before diving into the GOP threatened government shutdown, spending cuts, budget bullshit, schoolyard politics, 30 days extension, March 4th deadline, belligerent bargaining, seventeen year old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez, Merced Farm Labor, labor violations, needless death, employee health and safety, involuntary manslaughter, community service, legal inequality, corporate law breakers catching breaks, Christchurch quake, Raymond Davis, TF373, Pakistan vs USA, spy games, Al Qaeda, weapons, nuclear material, biological agents, waging war against ourselves, global economy, supplying our enemies, Soviet Intelligence Reports, Jeff Cox and Wisconsin protesters, Former Indiana Deputy Attorney, live ammunition tweet, meeting peace with deadly force, Libyan genocide, Ghaddafi gets desperate and more deadly, protesters persist, WalkForChoice, Feb26th, MoveOn just move on, poetry, and more.

Episode 53

Links Promised in the Podcast

WalkForChoice 2011 – important nation wide event for choice happening Feb. 26th

SpeakTheVirus – *Persephone’s new podcast!

GOP Will Shut Down Government over Spending Negotiations

40 Hours Community Service for Killing 17 year old

“CIA Spy” Davis Was Giving Nuclear Bomb Material to Al-Qaeda, says Report

Cox in the Indiana Deputy Attorney’s Office …well one less than before.