The Podcast : Episode 51

by angryhippie

Episode 51 – Current Events, Apocalypse Now?

In this new episode Rob is flying solo once more, covering the recent shooting in Tuscon, the current volatile political climate in the US, the Wikileaks papers, Julian Assange, investigating all charges of rape, Brogressives, when progressive men attack, Sady Doyle, Michael Moore, feminist allies failing, US vs EU on GM crops, Monsanto misfits, war over corporate crop interests, Apocalypse, end of days, massive fish and bird deaths worldwide, global warming, May Rapture, floods in Queensland AU, floods in Pakistan, Haiti one year later, violent erratic weather patterns, Obama and Michael Vick, music, and more.

Episode 51

Links Promised in the Podcast

Allen West chief of staff – If ballots don’t work bullets will

An Assassination?

Teabaggers paid to troll liberals online to enforce corporate propaganda

Russian News Site

Leaked memo sheds light on mysterious bee die offs and who is to blame

US vs EU on GM crops

Dead Birds Fall from the Sky

The European Union Times is keeping an updated list of these mysterious fish and bird deaths

Story from Wired on antibiotics going into food supply

Difference Makers Canadian Coalition SAVE and their new ad campaign aimed at the perpetrators of rape rather than the victims