The Podcast : Episode 50 – 4th Anniversary Ep

by angryhippie

Episode 50 – Current Events, Job Qualifications!

In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I go over some feedback from listeners which cover the Inez Sainz and the Jets and the entitlement that leads to these abuses, privacy, hospital abuses, slut shaming, pandering for attention, anxiety, shaping the world according to our own experience, environmental impacts, all before we move on to discuss the recent election, the House Republican’s threat to shutdown the government and default on our country’s debt, representing the top 2%, hijacking our government, electoral revamping, scientists say treat dolphins like people, intelligence equals value, abusing power, shaping the public, qualified people in vital positions, tea party hippies, Oscar Grant, and more.

Episode 50

Links Promised in the Podcast

GOP Threaten Shutdown

SPLC files federal lawsuit targeting state funded juvenile detention facility in Florida.

Teacher uses sexual harassment dice to punish elementary school students.

Some Links from Jim

Montana GOP policy: Make homosexuality illegal

The’s YouTube Channel

FBI Raiding Antiwar Activists in Terror Investigation

Angels Camp Police Department returns man’s medical marijuana

Deaf victim of sex abuse is suing pope, and going public with his story for the first time