The Podcast : Episode 49

by angryhippie

Episode 49 – Current Events, Mississippi Murder!

In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I provide a heartbreaking update on the case of Troy Anthony Davis and we talk about a Knowledge is Power approach to sex ed and some veganism related topics after a few listener submitted stories open the door, then we move on to discuss Bill O’ Reilly attacking Jennifer Aniston’s comments about single mothers, we briefly discuss gender binaries, healthcare professionals bigotry interfering with their performance of their duties, a transgender woman is denied treatment at hospital for being transgendered, oppressive gender bias, a couple’s three year fight to get their child back from the state because of flawed system, hospitals taking away women’s right to control their bodies during birth, sexism and its links to the industrialized factory farm complex, veganism being a fight for feminism to take up, Frederick Bell vs Mississippi, capital punishment in the US of A, evidence being denied that would settle a case, DNA evidence denials, an eye for an eye is not a basis for justice, rehabilitation vs punishment, the reverse Robin Hood mentality of the right!

Episode 49

Links Promised in the Podcast

National Crotch Kick Anyone Who Touches Your Chest Without Your Consent Day Facebook group set up in response to the call for action against the calls for sexual assault on women with the National Boob Grab Day bullshit going around.

Story from Lisa about Knowledge is Power approach to Comprehensive Sex Ed

O’Reilly Upset by Aniston’s Claims About Women Not Needing a Man to Have a Child. Bill thinks that’s detrimental to the very fabric of our society.

Transgender Woman Denied Treatment at a Hospital Because of Bigotry and Bias

Couple Has Child Taken Away Because Mother Refuses to Sign C-Section Pre-Consent Form. Was told that she endangered the child unnecessarily, even though there was no reason or risk to warrant pre-consent form.

Frederick Bell Facing Death Row in Mississippi Despite Evidence Courts Will Not Let Be Heard…and the horrible fact is, Frederick is not alone!