The Podcast : Episode 48

by angryhippie

Episode 48 – Current Events, Assassins for the Status Quo!

In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I take some time to address some issues and stories that were sent to us by some listeners via e-mail and voicemail covering things like veganism, sexist double standards, 1080 poison in Australia, controlled killing, rape-aXe condoms, and other topics before we move into the main discussions for the show which go into Prop 8 overturning, equal rights, Wikileaks and the Afghanistan war logs, transparency, responsible reporting, religion versus law, religious rape, 1700 percent project, anti-Arab sentiments, hate crimes, victim blaming, FBI assassinated MLK JR, conspiracy theories, in defense of the status quo, government hits!

Episode 48

Links Promised in the Podcast

Vegan arsonist caught in Colorado

Info about Rape-aXe Condoms

1080 Poison use in Australia

Guardian coverage of the Wikileaks War Logs

Court Rejects Religious Rape Defense on Appeal

1700% Project target of hate crime

Evidence of FBI Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King, Jr.

Story from WTF moment of the podcast

Bob’s Red Mill story