The Podcast : Episode 47

by angryhippie

Episode 47 – Current Events, Who Needs Consent?

In this new more compact episode, Persephone and I discuss a few comments and messages we received after the last show talking about a Judge who stopped Alaskan offshore drilling, opposing oil companies, Christian thoughts on intersexed individuals, Bill HR5741 and forced service by our government before we launch into our show topics that cover religious objections interfering in job performance, Texas bus driver Christian bigotry, Planned Parenthood, public option reappears in health care debate, insurance companies versus we the people, GOP running a back to Bush platform this fall, Democrats rejoice, empowering free enterprise through unregulated corporate malfeasance, Jury rules against consent, Girls Gone Wild gets above the law ruling, victim blaming getting out of hand, consent for being filmed naked is given by just being around a camera fully clothed, and injustice in the United States!

Episode 47

Links Promised in the Podcast

Judge halts oil, gas development on Chukchi Sea

Bill H.R. 5741 is now in debate

Bus driver refused to bring woman to Planned Parenthood

Robust Public Option Health Care Bill with 121 Co-Sponsors Introduced in Congress

Jury Decides Consent Is Not Required For Girls Gone Wild

Too many laws, too many prisoners