The Podcast : Episode 46

by angryhippie

Episode 46 – Current Events, Welfarist Feminism, G20 Riots.

In this episode, Persephone and I tackle some e-mails and feedback that we received in our time off that take us over the topics of welfarism, the Breatharian Yogi, more on immigration, and CA’s marijuana tax act before we launch into our list of stories beginning with the Detroit police department’s overreaction and reality TV murder of a young girl, Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Fleet, Israel praises Glenn Beck’s coverage of aid attack, Canadian Conservative Senator tells women’s groups to shut it, the product of sex miseducation, UN appoints Iran to the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, BP intimidating public using local police in Louisiana, BP shakedown called out by the GOP until one Rep goes too far, Oil spills in Nigeria dwarf the Gulf in demand for change, dependence on oil destroying our environment, more racism from Arizona Senate, Welfarist Feminism, female genital mutilation, female genital cutting, Transphobic parents, Cornell University abusive study, G20 summit riots in Toronto, Toronto police trample on human rights, Governments bought by Big Business!

Episode 46

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