The Podcast : Episode 45

by angryhippie

Episode 45 – Current Events, Arizona Racism Reform, Hate Pranks.

In this episode, Persephone and I tackle some vegan related and feminist related questions to kick things off, then we discuss the political game, Oklahoma City bombings celebration, Bachmann wants to be more important, Clinton vs Bachmann, rhetoric echo chambers, Australia victimizing rape victims, skinny jeans prevent rape, GM animals, curing humans through altered animals genetic code, the Gulf Coast oil disaster, environmental activism, ACLU takes on targeted CIA killings off the battlefield, American citizens can be targeted with Presidential permission, Anti-Choice Oklahoma, OK Senate veto override, reproductive freedom, GE/GM food labels, FDA, organic standards, CPC’s in the UK, a peek at CPC ‘couseling’, faith-based initiative spending under Bush, tax dollars for Jesus, IFPC, Focus on the Family’s million dollar government program, racist roots of Arizona immigration bill, white nationalists writing AZ legislation, microchipping illegal immigrants, National biometric ID cards, Cheyenne Williams, GLBT based hate crimes, dismissive police, hate prank, poetry, e-mail and more.

Episode 45

Links Promised in the Podcast

Can a woman in skinny jeans be raped?

GM Cows die from unnatural causes

ACLU tells Obama The Entire World is NOT a War Zone

Oklahoma Senate overrides Gov. vetoes

No more labels for GM/GE foods in the US

Democrats propose National biometric ID cards for immigration reform

The story of Cheyenne Williams and the hate ‘prank’ that nearly took her life