The Podcast : Episode 44

by angryhippie

Episode 44 – Current Events, Police Gone Wild, Military Misspending.

In this episode, Persephone and I discuss Human Rights violations of Hurricane Katrina victims still, a moment of silence for Poland, Huckabee’s insulting statements about homosexuality, FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act, regulating small farms out of business, Nebraska’s Anti-Choice nonsense, OK’s attack on choice and women, women suffering under US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the heartbreaking story of Clay and Harold, equal protection under the law for gay couples, livestock treadmills, abuse for alternative energy, Maryland PD mayhem, car jacking police style, police brutality against students, Military Misspending, tax dollars for death, expensive military might, PD dismissals, personality disorder disgrace, poetry, e-mail and more.

Episode 44

Links Promised in the Podcast

Amnesty International says US Guilty of Human Rights Violations in regards to Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Say Farewell to Small Farms and Co-ops

Nebraska’s Anti-Choice Nonsense

Planned Parenthood fights back against Oklahoma’s Attacks on Women’s Rights

The Heartbreaking Story of Harold and Clay

Car Jacking Cops in Maryland

Maryland Police use Excessive Force on College Students

Military Spending around the World, and Our Tax Dollars at Work

The Personality Disorder Military Dismissal Disgrace