The Podcast : Episode 40 a/b

by angryhippie

Episode 40 a/b – Current Events, Gender Roles, Congressional Suckage, and an Interview with Jo Pollock.

With my new co-host at my side, Persephone and I rail against punishment killing, media sexist shaming, Starbucks sex demands, victim blaming, animal activism, fur, suicide protest, fur is eco-friendly, green label lies, Pope condemns equality, kids equal purpose, Principal Big Brother, rape victims at fault, fashion fails models, Terry Richardson, sexual coercion, Catholic Nuns for Healthcare, stop abortion lies, Boy Scouts sex abuse cover-up, Christian group molestation, Vegans throw pies, activism don’ts, gender roles, media sexist skews, Interview with Jo Pollock, social workers in schools, broken foster care system, Congressional failures, bank bullshit abounds, no regulation, Business as Usual for Wall Street, music, e-mail and more.

The show ran long and had to be divided up once again.

Episode 40
Episode 40b.

Links from Jo

National Foster Parent Association

National Association of Social Workers

National Association of School Social Workers

Links promised in the podcast

NYT Distorts Photo of Christina Hendricks, Calls Her ‘Big’.

Starbucks Barista sues over being fired for denying sexual demands from boss.

Man burns himself alive in protest of fur.

Pope says equality goes against God’s law!

Skepchick tells you what pregnant women won’t about pregnancy.

Boing, Boing post about High School issued Laptops spying on students at home.

BBC report on survey suggesting majority of women in UK believe rape victims share the blame.

Jezebel post on the world’s most fucked up fashion photographer, the sexual predator, Terry Richardson!

Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Cover-up Spans Decades!