The Podcast : Episode 38 a/b

by angryhippie

Episode 38 a/b – Current Events, Blackwater Case, Bullshitatarianism Abounds.

In this new episode I touch on Tweet with care, US HIV ban ends, dolphin smart, new airline hoopage, condoms cancel rapture reservations, imprecatory prayers, Praying for Obama’s death, Gitmo scare tactics, CIA hired Blackwater for assassinations, Vanity Fair?, sexist journalism, Michael Leiter’s timing faux pas, cognitive infiltration, Obama Admin ball droppage, Haitian earthquake, compassion takes a holiday, Blackwater case dismissed in US, Iraq government says bye bye Blackwater, Mollie Katzen, more bullshitatarians, the flexitarian falacy, music, e-mail and more.

The show ran long and had to be divided up once again.

Episode 38
Episode 38b.

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Links promised in the podcast

Scientists say Dolphins too smart to mistreat!

Why does this Vanity Fair article hate the women of Twitter?

White House Defends Absentee Terror Head

Obama Staffer Called for Government infiltration of Conspiracy groups.