The Podcast : Episode 31

by angryhippie

Episode 31 : Current Events, Troy Anthony Davis, Election 08. I have begun releasing Ask Science Dude, independent of the podcast. You can listen to both shows via the player to your right or click the linksto download 31 and to download Ask Science Dude – Science Propaganda. Please get involved in the 1 Million Mad March. For more to come, visit 1 Million Mad, see our site

Some links from Jim.

A collection of online News sources
Flawed FDA.
Not Milk : The USDA, Monsanto, and the US Dairy Industry
Monsanto’s Meritless Lawsuit

From Science Dude
The China Study (google books)
The Bad Science Column from The Guardian (This is a really good critical review column of bad science that comes out. I love this guy)