The Podcast : Episode 29 a/b

by angryhippie

Episode 29 : Current Events, Humanity on Patriotism, 08 Debates, and Ask Science Dude. The episode was too long, once again, so I had to split it up into two files. You can listen via the player to your right or click the linksto download 29a and to download 29b. Please get involved in the 1 Million Mad March. For more to come, visit 1 Million Mad, see our site

More links from listeners: Trav sent this 5 Myths about McCain

We have the link to the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Some links from Jim.
Bush’s UN address.
Zakaria’s take on Palin
The Ashcroft Affair – NSA Wiretap begins

From Danni American Terrorists attack Muslim children
Link from Rawj CCMRF – Army deployed in US Borders
From Terri Genetic Modification of animals

Great Link from Science Dude on evolution
Evolution : Fact and Theory