The Podcast : Episode 27a/b

by angryhippie

Episode 27 : Current Events, War on Information, A Look at Gender. The episode was too long, and the software was too much of a bastard, so I had to split it up into two files. You can listen via the player to your right or click the linksto download 27a and to download 27b. Please get involved in the 1 Million Mad March. For more to come, visit 1 Million Mad, see our site Check out these links from Jim Wal-Mart sucks some more., Human Organ Harvesting in China, and Hurricane Gustav coverage.

Here are a couple of links from ‘Science Dude’. They are trusted scientific sources on climate change from our resident expert.
UN site on climate change stuff. Relates climate change to social and economic problems.
The UNEP/GRID-Ardenal.

Nature’s climate blog (Nature is one of the top peer-reviewed general science journals, so this is as “hot off the press” as it gets unless you read the actual science papers). This is what I read every day…’s Climate Feedback.

Reasonably well-researched stuff (usually). Can be a bit sketchy sometimes with the basic science, but rarely totally misrepresents what’s going on.
NY Times’ Dot Earth.

Finally, a really really good general info site on the science around climate change. The Royal Society publishes several top-notch peer-review journals. The stuff on this site is in line with the research and views of the overwhelming majority of scientists who work on the topic. I’d recommend this as a primer for anyone seriously interested in the science of climate change.
The Royal Society.

Hey…here’s one more awesome link. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one sooner. Suzuki is probably one of the best at explaining science to the public..

**end of ‘Science Dude’s’ links**

And last, but certainly not least, here’s the link to the Spinney Press publication that spoke about the unbalanced justice system with regards to the Australian Indigenous people. Spinney Press.