The Podcast : Continuing Gulf Coverage 2

by angryhippie

Podcast Special Presentation : Continuing Gulf Coverage 2!

In this follow up to the minicasts where our coverage began Rob is joined once more to discuss the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, and the resulting fallout from the BP Deepwater Horizon spill from 2010. Jennifer Rexford returns to continue to shed light on the lack of available resources for those impacted, despite claims from BP that civil aid organizations in the area have been given funding from the big oil conglomerate. Questions arise about the calculation of settlement funds and the legality of included clauses seeking to indemnify BP against any further legal action upon acceptance of said settlements, given the situations that many of the families taking these payments are currently facing. The direness of their own financial stability along with the continued destabilization of the area only increases the stress and tension forcing so many families hands. We also touch on the media blackout that has been fostered and continues in the affected areas. As Jennifer and her family get ready to relocate out of the region she has a special message to all those naysayers and perpetuaters of the problems punctuated with a moment borrowed from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Podcast Special Presentation : Continuing Gulf Coverage 2

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Site Jennifer talked about that discusses incidents of media exclusion in the Gulf