The Podcast : Continuing Gulf Coverage

by angryhippie

Podcast Special Presentation : Continuing Gulf Coverage!

In this follow up to the minicasts where our coverage began Rob is joined once more to discuss the situation in the Gulf of Mexico, and the resulting fallout from the BP Deepwater Horizon spill from 2010. Jennifer sheds light on the hostility and threats that she has faced and continues to endure in her quest to get healthcare for those impacted with the aid of RN Trisha Springstead and her husband, and to hold BP accountable for the deadly and devastating situation that they created. The show also includes a moment of silence for Larry A. Strickland and others, and a discussion about yet another related story that has recently hit the radar about millions in bonuses being given out to corporate heads behind this travesty.

Podcast Special Presentation : Continuing Gulf Coverage

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Transocean Awards Millions in Bonuses for Exemplary Year of Safety Despite Deepwater Rig Explosion and Gulf Catastrophe